• Improve workforce productivity
  • Securing Guest, Personal and Business data
  • Improve Guest satisfaction
  • Improve workforce productivity

    Maintaining customer loyalty in hospitality industry begins with engaging customers through human interactions from the time they step into the premise. Empowering employees with connectivity enabled technology solutions will enable them to deliver customer experience in every stage of customer stay. Digitizing and automating workflow processes will enable employees to have relevant information to serve the customer at each stage of their stay with products, services and information. This also enhances job satisfaction among hotel workforce. The solutions will also enable operations team to redeploy employees based on the demand at various locations in the premise.

    Improve Guest Experience:

    Provide context / location aware services that engage guests through their mobile and drive revenue opportunities by providing services requested by clients.

    Gain 360 degree view of customer by consolidating data and insights from mobile apps, CRM systems, loyalty program data, kiosks and social media data and deliver highly differentiated and customized services to clients.

    Secure your hotel assets and data

    We provide security solutions that:

  • Detect network vulnerabilities
  • Simplify security while increasing protection
  • Update security based on new threats
  • Solutions we offer for your hospitality business

  • With use of Cisco Mobility Express guest can automatically connect to hotel network and he can able to receive all information about hotel services and offers in his mobile, can do hassle free check-out and check-in through hotel application.
  • Our latest wireless APs can connect all devices with seamless connectivity and these Aps are not only providing wide range of coverage also provide Security
  • We can Provide Monitoring and analytics tools to know about guest flow where is high in the entire building, Associate can reach Guest through our application Services
  • Provide security solutions to safeguard your customer and your business data.