Health Care

Health Care 

With increasing internet connectivity across the world and new technologies, healthcare industry is at a point to reap the benefits through digitization by operating efficiently and by innovating at fast rate. In the new digital healthcare era, the objectives of health care providers can be summarized as below:

  • Diverse Workforce and patient interaction
  • Patient data and medical device security
  • Better patient experience
  • Lower operating costs
  • Modern day hospitals need to cater to patients and family members who are hyperconnected through mobile internet and wants several services, such as consultation, appointments, test reports and resulst, follow ups, remote diagnosis delivered to their mobiles and apps in a secure manner. Hospital doctors, nurses and administration, operations managers and management want to collaborate and quickly access data, analytics and insights on various reports and patient data securely to deliver fast and quality care.

    This can be accomplished through:

  • Defining BYOD policies
  • Adopting accelerated deployment of IOT technologies
  • Migrating to cloud technologies to reduce costs
  • Leveraging analytics to improve patient outcomes

    Eliminate long patient wait times and travel:

  • Cisco Conferencing for remote patient consultation and streaming high-definition video
  • Cisco WebEx for clinician training, collaboration, and interviews
  • Efficient communication, collaboration, workflow, location services for doctors and nurses:

  • Cisco network and wireless platform as the underlying foundation
  • Real-time location services to track, evaluate, and enhance workflow and processes
  • Events monitoring to analyze shifts, service-line activities, and timing of maintenance and sterilization activities
  • Analytics of workflow, staffing levels, and floor and unit layouts
  • Secure network, data and devices

  • Cisco Unified Access for high-speed access, managed by Cisco Prime Infrastructure
  • Cisco Mobility Services Engine with Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) to report mobile locations
  • Security in health Care
    Protect your patient and Data:
    Identify all your devices connected to your network through Cisco ISE (Inentity Services Engine)
    Deploy safeguards across the network: Cisco ASA with Firepower Services, a firewall to improve visibility across network
    React to the attack during the attack:

  • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) analyzes malware threats and harmful code
  • Cisco Umbrella: provides realtime view of traffic analysis to understand attack methods
  • Cisco Stealth watch and net flow: provides visibility across network, data center branch and cloud
  • Recover from attack and restore services:
    Cisco Incident Response (IR) services help organizations prepare, manage and recover quickly after an attack.

    We can help your heal care facilities deliver great patient care by providing solutions in every step:

  • Extend patient care through collaboration technologies:
  • Personalize care for each patient:
  • Enable caregivers with tools and analytic insights to provide better care:
  • Optimize workforce collaboration through secure information sharing:
  • For drug and device manufacturers, connect manufacturing and R&D to collaborate for rapid research and production
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