Financial Services

Financial Services 

The Global Financial Services Industry comprises companies that provide products and services to facilitate the flow of money, such as credit and related services; investment-related services; oversight services, risk mitigation services, including accounting, regulatory agencies, and data oversight; stock exchange; and associated marketing services. The industry can be categorized into three major segments:

  • Financial Markets

Financial markets comprise several sub categories serviing various types of financial instruments and transactions:
Capital Markets
Commodity Markets
Money Markets
Derivatives Market
Foreign Exchange Market



Retail Banking

The need for networking technology in financial markets is driven by:

  • Consumer expectations about financial services
  • Highly competitive landscape
  • Cost control and bringing efficiency in operations
  • Regulatory compliance and Risk management

Some of Retail banking solutions are:
Remote Expert:
Cisco® Remote Expert for Retail Banking is an integrated revenue-enablement platform. It helps banks increase profitability by intelligently connecting customers with a bank’s experts across attended and self-service channels, delivering a rich interactive experience in an Omnichannel environment. These capabilities promote higher revenue, improved expert productivity, and enhanced customer loyalty.
The Cisco Remote Expert for Retail Banking enables a bank to:

  • Improve sales, cross-sales, and upselling
  • Acquire customers faster
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Control costs and boost efficiency
  • Enhance regulatory compliance
  • Insurance

Connected Mobile Experience (CMX)
With Cisco CMX, you can give patrons and guests the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity while you learn how, where, and when they move through your facility. That opens up unlimited opportunities for you to target consumers with deals and ads based on their preferences and location and to build customer loyalty by providing personal engagements in your venue.
Benefits of CMX:

  • Keep customers and guests in your venue longer
  • Reduce Loss of business to competitors
  • Increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Create new revenue with third-party targeted mobile advertisement
  • Learn fott-traffic flows to better position products and services
  • Collect and analyze information on how customers use your venue
  • Use real time data to improve customer experience

To transform Wi-Fi into a business opportunity, you need to be able to use it to detect, connect  and engage customers as they move through premises.

Contact Center Resources
Cisco Contact Center routes contacts to the most appropriate resource anywhere in the bank. It creates comprehensive customer profiles based on contact-related data. Banks can segment customers and monitor resource availability with Contact Center and be sure contacts are routed to the most appropriate resource to meet customer needs and conditions.
LOB Head
Engage and interact with customers
Optimize employee communications and operations.
Improve response time to emergencies.
Head of Delivery Channels/Customer Experience
Unify customer interactions across multiple channels
Escalate customer interaction from chat to call to video.
One-call resolution.
Integrated recording, reporting, and analytics

Application Centric Infrastructure

Intelligent branch for banking
Cisco Intelligent Branch consolidates network routing, switching, security, compute, storage, and application services into a single platform. It combines a multiservice WAN access router, Cisco UCS E-Series Server, SourceFire Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Routers (ISR).
Benefits of Intelligent Branch:

  • Consistent information to customers
  • Standardise technologies to improve SLAs, reduce risk and enhance customer SAT
  • Platform to support new and innovative capabilities
  • Easily deploy new applications without interrupting customers
  • Enable employees to improve asset utilization, boost cross sales


Omni Channel Banking