There is a dramatic shift in energy sector. New sources of energy in new places is taking shape. Energy production is not just limited to power utility companies. Even homes also are generating and supplying energy back to Utilities. When it gets consumed and where is also changing because of the energy storage technologies.
In this digital era of innovative technologies utility companies need to adopt to new ways of adopting to new technology to deliver Energy Safely, Operate their energy sources securely, Distribute Smartly, while reducing operating costs.
Cisco solutions enable utility companies networks to learn and adapt to changes, provide advanced analytics to monitor and resolve issues, visibility into asset and operations while providing security to data and assets.
We provide solutions to address various parts of the utility company:

  • Substation automation
  • Security
  • Field network automation and control
  • Power Distribution and automation
  • Utility WAN
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Oil and Gas

  • Safe Operations
  • Secure
  • Efficient Operations
  • Our solutions provide secure and scalable foundation that enables energy companies to connect with their partners and tie production to demand.

  • Monitor and optimize Oil and gas assets, production throughout the supply chain.
  • Improve incident prevention, worker safety, industrial IoT security, supply chain integrity, and regulatory compliance
  • Lower costs through IT and operations automation
  • Our solutions for Oil and Gas industry cover all aspects of operations end to end:

  • Digital Oilfield
  • Connected Pipeline
  • Connected Refineries
  • Secure Ops
  • Field Workforce
  • Smart Gas station
  • TOP