• Enable student learn anywhere
  • Foster global connections
  • Facilitate faculty research
  • Build an intelligent campus
  • Create work place efficiencies
  • Keep student and faculty safe
  • We are in the revolutionized e-learning educational sector. The tools and techniques getting dilate better along the time. This improves and broadens the opportunities, quality, delivery and efficiency of the education system and a pull strategy to the users or students.  

  • No constraints of physical or geographical presence is needed
  • The learner can able to communicate with desired professors/ experts through internet within no time.
  • Learning through audio and video will bolster the time and demonstrates the wide range of data and sources.
  • This is a perpetual process as it gets smarter and better with technology.
  • We can freely access the information across the globe on hand.

    Education is changing. Students are no longer confined by traditional learning environments. With Cisco's Connected Classroom, students can learn how they learn best: anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Whether on or off campus, or in a flipped classroom model, students and educators have highly secure access to educational resources, using their smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices.

    Extend digital learning beyond classroom walls
    Support new online learning experiences, worldwide collaboration, and rich online media consumption with virtual classrooms. Empower students to learn on demand from any location, eliminating the boundaries that limit a student's ability to learn.
    Build an intelligent digital campus
    Make your school or university safer and smarter. Increase efficiency, save money, and improve experiences for students and staff. Cisco Connected Campus provides extensive network analytics so that you can make data-driven decisions. With smart-campus technologies, managing facilities, lighting, parking, and transportation is more intelligent than ever.
    Create a safe and secure learning environment
    Today's schools and universities can be the targets of both physical threats and cyber-attacks. Cisco cybersecurity solutions for schools help you keep students, staff, and data safe and secure, whether on campus, off campus, or en route on school vehicles.

    The rapid growth of devices, apps and data is changing educational landscape, cisco datacenter solutions are providing better user experiences for students, administrators and researchers across campuses world wide
    School IT department can do hybrid transmission by mixing cloud and on premise solutions to get simultaneous and security agility and scalability
    University researchers can securely analyze vast quantity of information and run big data application with high performance computing built on cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).